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Nestled in the golden light of Southern France, my art captures the essence of fleeting and sincere wedding moments. As a passionate photographer, I specialize in an editorial style where each shot tells a vivid, authentic story. Inspired by the timeless charm of film, my images glow with radiant brightness and vibrant colors, while my black and whites stand out with their romantic grain, evoking the tenderest memories.

My quest for the “Candid” moment takes me around the world, following my clients’ love stories. These journeys are opportunities to capture raw emotions, shared laughter, tears of joy, and exuberant dances, sealing the magic of each union for eternity.

In every frame, I aim to reveal the natural and unique beauty of each couple, their intimacy and love, creating memories that withstand the test of time. My commitment is to offer you, through my lens, a sincere and touching vision of your most precious day.

More Than Features.
Magazine Partnerships.

As a partner and vendor, it’s more than just recognition from these wedding magazines and blogs — it’s about fostering personal relationships.

I prioritize cultivating strong connections with each publication, ensuring mutual trust and collaboration.