Boudoir with Alexandra Barbey lingerie

It’s in the South of France in a beautiful Haussmanian apartment, during a nice sunny summer day typical of Provence that we realized these few pictures of wedding lingerie. The boudoir picture implies a lot of subtlety and elegance. It is necessary to sublimate without ever being vulgar. My job as a photographer is to put you in confidence and bring you the assurance to sublimate you. I like to play with light, curves and transparency.

I am a man and as a photographer, I must be even more gentle and respectful than if I were a woman photographer. The final goal is to get a subtle, soft and romantic work. That you feel beautiful and sexy… I like to work on details, textures. Changing the rhythm of the images. My approach to boudoir photography lies between my editorial work in fashion and what I achieve as a Fine Art wedding photographer.

During this session, Katia lent herself to the game. We used the light from the large windows brought to us by this beautiful bourgeois apartment. Even if the Haussmanian style immediately reminds us of the styles of the beautiful bourgeois apartments in Paris, all major cities in France and the South of France have apartments of this style in the heart of their cities. The high ceilings, the large windows, the decorative mouldings have a crazy charm …

Special thanks to Alexandra Barbey who lent us her creations. Alexandra is a wedding dress designer and makes custom-made lingerie. A delicate, superb work that I invite you to discover in passing.


Christophe Serrano – French Fine Art Wedding Boudoir Photographer